"ALLEN" by Allen Iverson (The Players' Tribune)

Allen Iverson, By Allen Iverson -

"ALLEN" by Allen Iverson (The Players' Tribune)

Larry Hughes likes to tell this story.

The story goes, it’s early in the season. Larry’s a rookie. We’re in the players’ parking lot, just one of those days after practice — making moves, you know, talking this that and the third. And then as we’re talking……. we walk up on my Bentley.

A Bentley, it’s nothing to me. You know what I’m saying? It’s just a car. But it’s funny, because it’s not like that for everyone. If you’re AI……. it’s a Bentley. If you’re not? It’s a BENTLEY.

So anyway for Larry, it’s like, O.K. — we’re walking up to a BENTLEY.

And he’s got this look.

I’m saying, Larry is standing there, and he’s in this…… daze. He’s in a Bentley Daze. Just looking at it…. and then looking at me…. and then he’s just, like, “Yo….. AI. I have to get me one of these.”

I don’t even hesitate. “Bro, you can have mine.”

I’ve never seen anyone so grateful.

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