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The top-ranked All-American Game's selections include a wide range of talent as the Iverson Classic returns to Memphis, TN with SHOWTIME Sports. Allen Iverson and Iverson Classic have officially announced that Iverson Classic Week 2022 will take place April 26th through April 30th in Memphis, TN. The elite All-American event, now in its 6th year of existence, will feature a lineup that includes the best high school players in the country.  SHOWTIME® Sports will act as presenter of the event with broadcast details to be announced in the coming weeks.  “This game is exactly what I would have wanted to...

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The Iverson Classic Awards were announced today. In it's 4th awards year, the Classic made some major changes. This includes the first ever MAMBA Award, Underclassmen Of The Year and a historic Women's Player Of The Year Award. Due to the current policy of social distancing, the decision was made to announce this year's recipients online.     

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Larry Hughes likes to tell this story. The story goes, it’s early in the season. Larry’s a rookie. We’re in the players’ parking lot, just one of those days after practice — making moves, you know, talking this that and the third. And then as we’re talking……. we walk up on my Bentley. A Bentley, it’s nothing to me. You know what I’m saying? It’s just a car. But it’s funny, because it’s not like that for everyone. If you’re AI……. it’s a Bentley. If you’re not? It’s a BENTLEY. So anyway for Larry, it’s like, O.K. — we’re walking up...

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