Introducing the 24K Showcase at Iverson Classic!

As Iverson Classic continues it's quest to be the most innovative and competitive game in the country, 2020 marks the introduction of the 24K Showcase! Taking place directly before The Iverson Games (our All American dunk contest, 3pt contest and more), the 24K Showcase is a full length game featuring more top talent from across the country, regardless of class. 

The inaugural selections are:

Alex Antetokounmpo
Chanse Robinson
Che Evans
Demarr Langford Jr
Deuce Turner
Elijah Taylor
Eric Gaines
Hassan Diarra
Jahlil White
Jalen Duren
Jameel Brown
Jamir Watkins
John Camden
Jordan Geronimo
Jordan Hall
Jordan Longino
Justice Williams
Jyare Davis
Quadry Adams
Sam Ayomide
TaQuan Woodley
Taj Thweatt
Tristan Maxwell 

AND ONE MORE SELECTION. Head to to let us know who you think should be added.